11+ years of experience in transitioning traditional to modern Web & Mobile development, crafting scalable, distributed performant cloud-based apps using diverse emerging technologies.

I love to work in User Experience & User Interface designing.I always try my best to make good user interface with the best user experience.

🟢 15+ Architecture Design, 100 + Functionality Development, 70+ UI/UX Design, 600+ TDD for unit testing.

🟢 Optimizing 80% application's load time by using coding & caching strategies, asynchronous programming, load balancing,design patterns & principles.

🟢 Migrated 15+ Legacy applications to modern tech migration slashed maintenance costs by 60% boosted 70% system reliability and 90% performance.

🟢 Creating stunning UI charts and widgets involves a combination of design principles, coding skills, and leveraging libraries or frameworks for angular/.net core Energy Widget Realtime Applications.

🟢 Designed MongoDB database schema design for Aims Product Application for WebAPI’s and Microservices.

🟢 Migrated Traditional .Net Silverlight Walmart app to Modern .net core /microservice angular based Ecommerce App.

🟢 Used S3 Buckets for Bulk Data and File Storage,KMS for Confidential Security and business Configuration.

🟢 Building a complex Angular reactive approach for efficient form validations within an invoice grid for Aims Product to manage dynamic Crud Operations &form validations efficiently.

🟢 Developed angular Aims, Scanning and Classification application to Integrated Using PrimeNg Components.

🟢 Developed Angular (4-9) Wester Projects using Asp.net Core and Caching Mechanism with Angular Widget.

.NET Framework, C#,Asp.Net ,VB.Net, Asp.net MVC Versions 10 Years

Javascript,HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap, JQUERY,Material Design. 10 Years

Angualr-js version 1, Angular (2 -17) Versions. 10 Years
SQL Server , TSQL QUERIES , ADO.NET ,Entity Framework, Linq queries10 Years

NOSQL DB (MongoDB,RAVENDB),Lucene DB,Redis5 Years

Docker,Jenkins,AWS,GIT,Azure5 years
Secondary Skills
BlockChain(Solidity) 6 Months
Machine Learning 6 Months
Adobe Photoshop,Illustartor,PowerBi, 4 Years
Windows Forms,Blazor,Web Services,,WcF5+ Years


sr.Team Lead/Angular Architect

2020 - 2024

Created and implemented an Insurance product that utilizes OCR engines to automatically identify and validate various dynamic source documents, streamlining the insurance workflow.

- Angular (9-16), ASP.NET core (2-6), Mongo Db, Microservices(RabbitMq), WebAPI, Webservices, SOAP, Azure, AWS Ocr, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL server

An energy dashboard app showing real-time stats, aiding users in monitoring and minimizing manual efforts in energy management.

Technology: ASP.Net Core, Angular4, Typescript, Entity Framework, LINQ, JavaScript, SQL Server 2014, Svn, Power BI, Chart js, T-SQL.

sr.FullStack Developer

2017 - 2020

sr.Software Developer

2017 - 2020

Ecommerce business application to track Daily inventory movements

Technology: Angular (2-6), ASP.NET MVC (3-5), Web API, Webservices, SOAP, Azure, SQL Server, Javascript, TypeScript, Silverlight.

Reinsurance System Application helps companies to automatically identify premiums and losses eligible for reinsurance business

Technology: Angularjs, ASP.NET MVC (3-5), Web API, Webservices, SOAP, Azure, SQL Server, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Telerik controls.

sr.Software Developer

2016 - 2018
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